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Black Cumin Seed Forte

Introduced in 2019

Black Cumin Seed Forte contains a whole plant extract of Black Cumin seed to support healthy liver and digestive function as well as the metabolism of fat.*

The compounds in Black Cumin are used traditionally in Ayurvedic herbal preparations to:

  • Support healthy digestive function*
  • Support healthy liver function and metabolism of fat*
  • Help relieve occasional mild digestive discomfort, including bloating and flatulence*
  • Provide antioxidant activity*
  • Help maintain general health and well-being*


Black Cumin seed often referred to as the “seed of blessing,” has been used for centuries in the Middle East and Southeast Asia.  Black Cumin Seed Forte is a high-strength formula comprised of an array of constituents including, fixed oil, proteins, alkaloids, saponins and essential oil.

Black Cumin Seed Forte

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