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Lavender Essential Oil - Lavandula angustifolia (also known as Lavandula officinalis or Lavandula vera) is known as "true lavender" and is the most important variety therapeutically. Lavender essential oil is a classic in aromatherapy and is likely the widest-used essential oil to date. Lavender also can be safely used on children. Extraction Method: Steam Distilled Plant Part: Flowering Tops Details: All Natural, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil Properties: Analgesic, Antiseptic, Anti-inflammatory, Antibacterial, Antiparasitic, Anti-spasmodic, Emmenagogue, Decongestant, Antidepressant, Calmative, and Sedative. Learn More - Click Links Below:  Why we love Lavender  Did you Know Lavender could do this?

Lavender- Spark Essential Oil

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